Transparent Machines


Our society is obsessed with the conflicting concepts of transparency and privacy. We are “outraged” by the actions of the NSA, yet continue to willfully upload more and more of our personal information to Facebook and Google. This film explores the contradictory nature of our actions and beliefs regarding transparency. The makers of the video describe the creation as a reaction to seeing friends and family who were complaining about privacy issues on Facebook which to me seemed to be a bit contradictory.  I think this is sort of something that’s inherently human, we want privacy but we also want to share our liveswith others.  Unfortunately sometimes these two desires come into conflict which will become visible in the urban fabric of the future city. 


What I find particularly interesting about the images and video are the spatial relationships between the components that assemble together to create an ‘architecture’ and the connotations of transparency and density in terms of structure and how we perceive the publicity and collection of information. This could be used to inform my architecture.


transparent machines 8

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