Reflection & Response

Tower Sketches 3

Structure & Modelling

I should begin to model make in 3D to start exploring a framework to support plug in structures that would inhabit the tower, something that will express the structure of the architecture and its formation in relation to the site context. Considerations I will need to take into account will be the geometry and function of the structure and the skin as to how it may ‘wrap around the tower’ and how ti deals with the dense site characteristics. 

The Iconic profile of the BT tower is kept through the re-appropriation process of the towers function. I need to determine whether I will be precious over the existing structure celebrating it, or whether the addition is parasitic in nature and begins to ‘feed’ off the existing structure to form a new type of governing architecture. 

Tower Sketches 1


This week I would like to collage and sketch more to start determining spaces and how the public/private people will start to interact with them. The purpose of the tower and its relationship to the city will help me achieve this, and I should begin by taking elements of the sketches I have done to start assembling an initial idea.

I need to start thinking about how do people use and circulate through the tower, whether aspects of it are public private, how they may interact with the technology and convergence of data harvesting and ultimately how people will use this space to work. The authority of governance and control surrounding the towers purpose may ultimately lead to users  or ‘observers’ believing they are of a higher class than the general public. 

D_Fleming Analytics Workspacejpg D Fleming_modular workstations D Fleming_Assembling&Extruding tower

D Fleming Central Atrium

Overall, I think I need to start thinking outside of the box in terms of the architecture and it’s scale and the future vision that I have for London. As Toby said…. “go a little bit NUTS



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