Tutorial Reflection

D Fleming_Tutorial-March 18th-44

Synergy of Structure: Parasitic elements to the existing tower

D Fleming_Tutorial-March 18th-46

Section through public analysis workspace, atrium and concealed hacker space

D Fleming_Tutorial-March 18th-47

Radial Automated Drone Production

From the images I have produced it is becoming clear that the government overlook device is a parasitic addition addition to the tower, an overt display of overlook and monitoring; while the resistance is a symbiotic in nature and should be more subtle, camouflaged and disguised in its approach. For instance, if I continue to use the park as a sanctuary space, the disconnected space should be visually hidden from the government system and not in plain view as I had previously thought. Perhaps this is a moment nested underground the park or inside an existing building.

– Although elements of my project are clear to me, the Narrative I am proposing has to make sense in terms of the intervention and my speculation on next nature and the duality in terms of workspace. The fun thing about my project should working with a well known existing structure and elements of the BT tower should be seen in my design.

– The relationship between the observer and the observed within the same workspace should be exploited and I should be more imaginative in terms of the public and camouflaged access to these spaces- It is afterall a university project! The internal aesthetic could be similar but fit to entirely different purposes but base it in reality.

– My drawings are currently too heavy and should focus on the lightness, transparency and density of structure (potentially look at aircraft technology)

– Vertical elements could be introduced to the tower in relation to it representing a vertical urban realm as a series of co-existing elements

Acceleration of current circumstances

Aesthetic is an outcome of Process


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