Cross Tutorial: Reflection

D Fleming_Cross Tutorial page 2 D Fleming_Cross Tutorial page 3

Reflection of where I’m at:

The general feedback I received from the cross tutorial was positive in respect to the presentation of my work, however my verbal presentation failed considerably on the day and i felt I did not explain my project to the best of my ability. Some key things I have taken away from the tutorial include:

  • How can the subversive nature of my scheme be introduced to the spaces in the tower in terms of hacker or hidden/secret spaces. There is an element of DUALITY and the relationship of co-existing elements that represent the way cities are that can be introduced to my project in order to add depth.
  •  The fractured elements of the tower and the skin of the building could have something more to do with the subversiveness or program of the tower. What is Innovative about this project?
  •  I should be more Critical in terms of what I am defining as the Next/Nature Workspace.

After a brief chat with Ronnie, the intention of my scheme should maybe not focus on a government surveillance infrastructure, but more to design for a group of people or company, to which I can attach a story or agenda in order to manifest a vision of the future. This would enable me to design for this company while also reserving space within the architecture for subversive or hidden elements. The task now is to put pen to paper and design these spaces.

Project Presentation 03-2014- A3 SheetAbove is an initial design for the interior of the analytics work module. The furniture and hardware is integrated into the structure, and is based on dual workstations. To develop this further I believe I should look at working on an image that shows the relationship of this space with the potential ‘secret covert’ space as part of the subversive nature of the building- A ‘Listening Post’ that does not appear on plans, is privately accessible and can access the information from the analysed and “decrypted” information.



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