Initial Design Models

D Fleming_Model Photos 1D Fleming_Model Photos 2

Above are some of the initial model ideas I had for a structure that could potentially wrap around and extend the BT tower. The lattice work of the mesh could potentially be used as a faraday cage structure using radar absorbent materials to block and attenuate potential incursive radio waves. The other models symbolise module extensions to the top of the tower in the form of workspaces and protected environments and the ascension vertically around the tower.

D Fleming_Initial Model

Tower Structure models


D Fleming_Model 1

Initial Tower Model

I have begun to model digitally in 3D to help visualise my design ideas and how to either rationalise the geometry of the plan (whether it is a radial structure projecting from the tower or a cubic formation of assembled work modules as per my previous design idea [Reflection & Response | dt.fleming architecture.]
This week i have been learning/using 3Ds max to create a model that represents the collages I have been completing. The software has been difficult and frustrating to learn and the aesthetic isn’t quite there yet. Obviously this needs work and hopefully over the coming weeks will become more resolved.

One of the Key Feedback notes from this weeks tutorial with Ronnie is to fully define the program and intention of the tower in terms of its occupation. The elements of duality and subversiveness have got lost somewhere in my project. The Powerful Monitoring Force and it’s Anti-thesis. One of the drivers to justify the aesthetic could be the representation of the way that cities are; a collision and symbiosis of co-existing elements at the street level.

One of the things I am finding difficult is addressing the structure and circulation of the tower and a final decision in which direction to go.


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