The NSA and Quantum Technology

Quantum computers currently under development could be used to break encryption codes designed to secure protect global medical, banking, business and government records stored online, The machines would be capable of performing several calculations at once, rather than in a single stream.

US spy agency the NSA is working on building a quantum computer it hopes will be able to crack through almost all types of encryption, according to the latest documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The report is based on the documents supplied to the paper by former NSA contractor Snowden, who currently has temporary asylum in Russia. They suggest that the agency carries out research in Faraday cages “to keep delicate quantum computing experiments running” by preventing electromagnetic energy entering or leaving the labs.

If the NSA managed to develop such a machine the agency would be able to break high-bit encryption codes such as the RSA public-key cryptosystem, which is widely used and based on the practical difficulty of factoring the product of two prime numbers. NSA working on building an encryption-busting quantum computer (Wired UK).


The D-Wave quantum computer processor is 3,600 times faster than classical computers at some tasks.


Quantum Storage

In terms of Quantum Storage and Atomic Scale Memory, currently it takes 1million atoms to store a single bit of data. With Quantum storage, it would only take 8 atoms to store a single bit of data the size of an electron only decipherable by a quantum computer…. to my understanding anyway.



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