Measuring Invisible Fields: Electromagentism

The survey materializes by drawing electromagnetic activity as water, where lines are engraved into the glass surface and appear when they are illuminated. The electromagnetic data gathered is processed in order to create meaning from it creating a sectional survey of the hallucinatory state that is produced when the body makes direct contact with electromagnetic activity.


Some quotes from the investigation which I found interesting and appropriate to my project:

2.     The environment and its inhabitants interact through energy transfers.

11.   Between bodies and electromagnetism immeasurable space is produced within measurable space.

 12.   Moving through the range of charged electromagnetic frequencies, one’s cognitive faculties are disturbed and the physical conditions of the place transform

19.   The architect adjusts the atmospheric charges to induce hallucinations and enhance perceptual cognition.

20.   In some sectors the architect creates gardens with different species of stimulating frequency waves. In other areas the city may have to regulate the flows

24.   Matter, body, and electromagnetic frequencies band together and form an interdependent environment hovering between the visible and invisible.


Find more here: SOTIRIOS KOTOULAS: Emission Architecture (updated) | LEBBEUS WOODS.


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