Interactive Exhibitions: Communication & Monitoring


Showcasing the latest developments in digital and interactive design, the listening post exhibition explores three themes of Code, Interactivity and Network.

Listening Post is a ‘dynamic portrait’ of online communication, displaying uncensored fragments of text, sampled in real-time, from public internet chatrooms and bulletin boards. Each scene has its own ‘internal logic’, sifting, filtering and ordering the text fragments in different ways. By pulling text quotes from thousands of unwitting contributors’ postings, Listening Post allows you to experience an extraordinary snapshot of the internet and gain a great sense of the humanity behind the data. It is an impressive visualization of today’s communication overflow but in a ruminant and melancholic disposition. FInd more here: Listening Post – Science Museum Arts Project.

listening post batman

The Dark Knight Rises: Phone Hacking Surveillance System

The exhibition echoes a scene from the second Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises where a monitoring system turns every phones wireless signal into a surveillance sonar device to create a 3 dimensional invisible network which allows him to see through the boundaries of the physical environment. An extremely powerful and not to mention highly illegal tool- Just how possible is this software if the government are already able to montior our personal devices.



The Datagrove thrives on information from its urban environment. It renders invisible data and atmospheric phenomena into variable intensities of light and sound. It provides shelter and a place of calm to contemplate data streams from sources near and far. The grove’s luminescent fibers gently sway with the breeze and respond to the proximity of visitors with quiet whispering sonic undulations.

Datagrove was produced using advanced digital fabrication techniques and integrates a range of custom electronics including sensors, text to speech modules, LEDS and LCDS. The installation is capable of sensing and responding to people in its immediate proximity. It aggregates local trending Twitter feeds from San Jose and then whispers these back through speakers and LCDs displays woven into the Datagrove. It functions as a social media “whispering wall” that harnesses data that is normally nested and hidden in smart phones, and amplifies this discourse into the public realm.

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