Methods of Protection: Keeping your secrets from the NSA

Interesting addition to the modern city worker, the Blackphone is the world’s first smartphone which prioritizes the user’s privacy and control, without any hooks to carriers or vendors. It comes preinstalled with all the tools you need to move throughout the world, conduct business, and stay in touch, while shielding you from prying eyes. It’s the trustworthy precaution any connected worker should take, whether you’re talking to your family or exchanging notes on your latest merger & acquisition.

According to the phone’s website: “the tools installed on Blackphone give you everything you need to take ownership of your mobile presence and digital footprints, and ensure nobody else can watch you without your knowledge. 

As far as I’m aware this is the first commercially branded piece of ‘protected’ tech that has been speicifically designed as a response to the NSA data mining program. However, with the revelation that global surveillance compaines such as the NSA have implanted monitoring software into over 100,000 PC’s sold to the public, how can we be certain that this will stop them obtaining our information. After all, there are many other ways of discovering your personal information now that the quantified self movement is taking off. What will the rules, regulations and protocols be of the future if we are to maintain our personal privacy?


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