Lebbeus Woods: Creator of Worlds

Early examples of Lebbeus Woods’ work; the drawings show the dystopian architectural landscapes of Woods’ imagination, including the Centricity and A-City projects that explore the political nature of architecture and its capacity to affect society.

In Centricity, Woods drew a mythical city where towers appear to grow up out of the landscape, bearing a closer resemblance to machines than buildings, but with the same organic shapes that are more commonly found in nature. Something which I should focus on bringing into my own work. The A-City project was completed around the same time as Centricity and investigates the relationship between technology and patterns of life.

“In these places I’m drawing, the high-technology is invisible, because it’s already so miniaturised, and so compact, and so industrialised, that it’s not a major physical artefact,” said Woods. “And the city is indeed low-technology in the sense that people are participating in the making of it.”

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