A Park Beneath the City

In complete opposite to the HighLine, James Ramsey’s vision to transform the abandoned Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal into a subterranean park filled with sunlight and lush vegetation is gaining international attention and support. The satellite engineer turned architect has developed a skylight using fiber-optic technology that will naturally light and bring life to this forgotten, graffiti-covered cavity below the streets of New York City

Delancey Underground, also referred as “The ”, will be New York Cities first underground park and involves an entire re-thinking of how we deal with public space. The project aims to become a safe and beautiful gathering space for local residents and an attraction for the Lower East Side.

A compelling and radical transformation of an historic place below the city in a science fictional way with incredibly green incentives. A really exciting project to look out for in the future of New York!

In relation to my project, what if the pervasive city of the future dictates that any privacy, escape or disconnection requires parks and nested workplaces that are physically situated beneath the city?

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