The Drone Survival Guide

In addition to the last post concerning ‘good’ drones, a designer has drawn up a ‘Drone Survival Guide’ containing silhouettes of the most common drone species in an attempt to familiarise people with the changing technological environment. An almost 21st century bird spotting guide. As robotic birds will become commonplace in the near future, we should be prepared to identify them.


These drones all remain fairly large in size, with the developments in nano-technology and biomimecry, soon we will begin to ask “how can we tell what is nature and what is technology”, increasing the opportnity and availability of being watched and spied on.

One of the techniques for misleading a drone’s camera is putting reflective material on the rooftops of houses or cars (glass, mirror) to try to reflect sunlight into the drone’s camera,  interfering with the drone’s sensors. (shown Below)

drone reflector flare01


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