Antennae Trees: Biomimetic Hidden Surveillance

Continuing with my theme of disconnection, the merging of public and private boundaries and the pervasiveness of technology in the city. I came across an old suggestion from Toby in one of his emails. Traditional radio towers have started to mimic the surrounding trees in the hope of blending into the surrounding environment as a chameleon would to its surroundings.

The concept of a surveillance or transmission network could be taken into my project but the question is whether the monitoring is visible to the public and they are aware of it’s existence, or is it a subversive monitoring system distributed through the city.

Taking the form from the previous experiments with ferrofluids and its inherent ability to detect invisible fields of energy, I applied this form to the concept of a prevalent sensor network distributed throughout the city that would gather individual data from wif-fi networks and intercept communications, movements and social patterns.

Distributed Data Gatherers Throughout London

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