William Mitchell: Propositions of a Networked City

William Mitchell:

MIT Smart Cities research group are creating innovative ways to change how we live in urban areas through, in part, the application of new technologies that enable urban energy efficiency and sustainability, and enhance opportunity, equity, and cultural creativity. Smart Cities research is particularly concerned with the emerging roles of networked intelligence in fabrication and construction, urban mobility, building design and intelligently responsive operation, and public space. The group explores the new forms and functions of cities in the digital electronic era, and suggests design and planning directions for the future.

Outcomes are complex- Ubiquitous interconnection does not mean the end of controllable territory or elimination of distinction between public and private turf, but it will force us to rethink and reinvent these essential constructs in a new context.

– The spaces we inhabit become sensate spaces, they know whats is happening, essentially buildings and cities get nervous systems.


Really interesting walking interview with William Mitchell


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