Ubiquitous Monitoring: Spy Drones or Data Gatherers

The US Air Force has unveiled tiny finger-sized insect spy drones that would be undetectable to most. Techies are now figuring out how to attach sensors and cameras directly to insects and powering the devices off the creatures’ own movements.  These will tilt the balance of power toward whoever has the best ability to see… including ability to detect mosquito-cams!  Our only hope in such a world is NOT to ban the things – that cannot conceivably work.  But to make sure we all have them

Minute cameras and microphones mounted on the backs of beetles will help emergency services find victims trapped or buried underneath rubble. Researchers aim to power a tiny “backpack” of sensors by “scavenging” energy from the insect’s own wing movements to help create a lasting power source. The bugs can then be released into collapsed buildings or other areas seen as too dangerous for human rescue teams.

The EU-funded µDrone (Micro Drone Autonomous Navigation and Environment Sensing) project is working on a mini UAV for use in urban settings or inside buildings used for environmental sensing. The Germany-based company AirRobot, a partner in the consortium, has developed a drone that weighs less than a kilogram that has four propellers that allow incredible range of motion. The drone can be maneuvered manually or can be sent on pre-planned flights.


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