Technology and Fashion: Diverting Surveillance

Researchers at Italian design centre Fabrica have created accessories that would deceive neuroimaging devices by diverting thoughts using electric shocks and flashing lights.

The anti-NIS (neuroimaging surveillance) pieces have been designed to detect when surveillance technology linked to CCTV cameras is trying to read the wearer’s brainwaves. It would then focus their thoughts to something inconsequential to help maintain privacy.

Moments of privacy through camouflage.

Each faceted piece covered with decorative patterns is designed to detect when the wearer is being scanned and provides a distraction to change their thought pattern. “Rather than simply blocking access to the brain, which would require unsubtle and complex equipment, each piece proposes a method of momentary cognitive diversion, affording a moment of privacy through camouflage.

Neuroimaging technology is currently being researched and developed to read and record the thoughts of the public, with the aim to detect ill intentions before they are carried out. This could become part of the governments pervasive plans for the city, and a new means to extract information without our knowledge; a vision proposed in the film minority report.


via Headgear to thwart mind-reading surveillance cameras.

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