Personal Information is the New Oil

We live in a rapidly evolving time. It’s scary. We’re going from a time where we lived our lives in private to where we are increasingly living in public. What we did behind closed doors, what media we consumed, what conversations we had, who our friends were, what news articles we read and what we liked, was known only to us.

But increasingly we’re giving away that information “for free” and far more of it than we’ve ever given away before. Every week there seems to be a new story about some app or social networking service that is being accused of violating your privacy without your consent.

Eventually our personal data will take us into the post-social age, where our every experience is layered with social data. We will all rely on, or work from, the crowd and the only way that will be possible is if we have access to each others data. With access to that data we will know who to reach out to, who we want to work with and who we trust. Without ever seeing or even talking to that person.

We will inherently distrust people who don’t share their data, the same way we distrust incoming callers who block caller-ID. Is the future more Transparent?

Infrastructure of a police state – World Socialist Web Site.

Your Privacy Is A Commodity And You Will Continue To Give it Away | Social Media Today.

BBC News – Personal data could become commodity.


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