Developing a concept and idea for the project

Concept Words

Technology is dissolving the boundaries between public and private information as we become more and more immersed in virtual worlds of digital ecosystems.

Mass surveillance, transparencies, intimate details are everywhere, The recent exposure of NSA & PRISM software is exploiting the boundaries of information knowledge and will force us to re-evaluate our position on pervasive technology in the future city.

Digital culture and cloud networking has spatially distorted the world, cities are being blanketed with networks and electronics, becoming more and more like the digital worlds we work in. This allows for objects and the environment to talk back to us and the city to be sensed and actuated.

How can we define and distinguish between public and private spaces now that the internet spreads beyond our computer screens and into the physical world?

We are allowing the way we disregard privacy on the web to follow us into the physical world through RFID tracking, GPS devices, location tracking technologies, crowd-sourced identification and other technologies, voluntarily publicizing what would have otherwise been private.

Two Forces at Work in the Future City:
The Tower & The Park

Is our relationship to the park an escape?

Concept- current media

Concept- Montoring

Concept Skyline 1Concept- Park EnclaveConcept Park 1Concept- Green Wall

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