Observations of Workers in Peripheral Workspace

Following up on a very perverse day of filming, I have documented below some of my responses to the objects [subjects] of my filming.

George & Delias cafe is situated along the Cowley Road, heading in to Oxford town centre. I was introduced to it by one of my housemates who insisted that the bagels and ice cream sundaes were too good to miss and that I had to try them. Every time I visited the small cafe, I noticed that it was a popular place to work as well as socialise, many people would be reading, working at laptops or debating a hot topic; this is one of the main reasons why I chose to study this peripheral workspace as part of the connected worker task.  I chose to examine & document people in this workspace at 3 different times over the course of one day, which you can see below and in other posts Studies of WorkSpace | dt.fleming architecture and Studies of WorkSpace 2 | dt.fleming architecture.


Female A

Morning- Female A


The first subject of my observation was “unfortunately” a young female sat along the back wall opposite me. She had been there since I arrived and chose to sat in a relaxed position, intently looking at her laptop screen. She would often smile or frown at her screen with animated facial expressions making me wonder what she was working on or reading in such an engaged manner. Her intent focus was only broken when someone moved in close proximity around her or her table indicating a sense of personal space in a public environment… or maybe it was the feeling of someone watching her? My question lies in why has she come to the coffee shop to work? She did not appear stressed, in work attire or heading to university. Does she enjoy working in public? Can she concentrate more with the muffled background noise of coffee shop chat?

Female B

Morning- Female B



Male A

Afternoon- Male A


Female C & D

Afternoon- Female C & D



Male B

Evening- Male B


Female E

Evening- Female E


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