Studies of WorkSpace 2

Below are the two workspace connection videos developed from my analysis of the footage below, that hope to illustrate and animate the spaces in terms of work flow & productivity, as well as the the actions and activities of the people concerned with these two different environments. Through experimenting with particle spheres in after effects, my aim was to illustrate the connections and activities of the worker in these environments.

[Peripheral Workspace Connections:]

[Individual Workspace Connections:]

Below are some experiments with after effects on the footage I took expressing the visual activity of the ‘connected worker’ in a peripheral working environment. I focused on a male in his early 20’s who was sitting in the window seat of the popular cafe, for the duration of my observation he was writing html code on his laptop, in a focused but relaxed manner, occasionally glancing through the window at passers by, however towards the end, his work intensified and his body position changed. The videos below, somewhat overtly, attempt to represent this change through my experimentation with after effects.

Evening Workspace: Final AE edit:

Evening Workspace: Experimenting with After Effects:

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