The Connected Worker: Connection through Communication [Verbal & Virtual]

Connection through Communication: CPD 05- Verbal & Virtual Communication

Hyperbolic Connection

Connection  through verbal & virtual communication
Connection through verbal & virtual communication

[The Connected Worker]

For this task on connections in the workspace, my aim was to explore the idea of connection through communication, something that usually occurs within an invisible network. Primarily, we are connected to people through both virtual and physical environments. My aim was to gather data over 2 of my working days and develop a visual representation of the relationship between the ‘verbal and the ‘virtual’ .

Using a ‘sphere of influence’ where one half was dedicated to mapping verbal communication and the opposite side would map everything I did in the virtual world. The layers of the sphere represent my most relevant and current workspace environments; my core working ‘bubble’ at home, secondary environment at university, and the third being a social periphery. Nodes that project from this sphere correspond to a particular point of communication activity during that time period.

– Node Projection Length: dictates the spatial connection between the communication & the surrounding environment.

– Node Diameter: Temporal Nature of the communication

– Node Expansion: Level activity in the work conducted

To investigate the relationship between verbal and virtual communication, I would gather data in different workspace environments over 2 full working days. The first consisted working in a shared workspace at university including a technology lecture and workshop, followed by a social dinner in the evening. The second day would be spent in my primary working area, followed by an OxArch social in the evening.

To animate this drawing further, I would have liked to turn the 3D hyperbolic drawing into an animated video where you can see the nodes project from the nucleus of the sphere.

An additional activity I conducted for this project was to document the physical to virtual process in creating these visualisations. By downloading a software program, I was able to capture the physical movements of the mouse (lines) and the time of stationary activity (circles/nodes) at selected time intervals throughout the day. The video displays a fun way to represent the process of work and the data transfer from a physical to a virtual environment, and has actually created something quite beautiful.

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