Re-Imagining the Office: The New Workplace Challenge


Reimagining the Office, Adryan Bell

Reimagining the Office, Adryan Bell

Re-imagining the Office takes a critical look at current workspace conventions, how they are changing and the emerging workstyles of the modern office and their characteristics in a step by step guide of implementing and embedding strategies. Adryan Bell, an accomplished author in workspace innovation who has an architectural & ergonomic design background, offers an insight and practical guidance into the challenge of providing functional and appealing workspaces to ensure employees are at their most productive. From the beginning, Bell’s intention for this book was to be personal, practical, accessible and relevant to the reader, but more importantly to stimulate new discussions on challenges, exploration and actions of workplace design.


“Bell cautions that it is not just a matter of providing and positioning the right infrastructure that will help in supporting this diverse and dynamic work environment. Organisational & behavioural culture is needed to enable these changes to succeed, where clear office protocols should be communicated and enacted. It is evident that we need to think carefully about established practices of functional design, image and symbolism due to the changing nature of work. The subsequent emerging attitudes and behaviours produce unique demands and expectations that rarely can be satisfied by traditional structures and procedures.”

Read more on Content, Summary & Analysis in this link: Book Review- Re-imagining the office

The book can be found on Amazon here: Re-imagining the Office: Adryan Bell: Books.


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