Architectural [Drawing/Model]

Here you can find the link to my presentation on dRMM’s Endless Stair:

 Architectural Model- The Endless Stair

Architecture as Sculpture. Sculpture as Architecture


dRMM, Endless Stair

Inspired by Eschers lithograhy work on ‘Ascending and Descending’ and Lionel and Roger Penrose’s 1958 publication, Archtiecture firm dRMM have created ‘the endless stair’ outside the Tate Modern in London. More to come on this engaging & playful architectural sculpture!

image model 2

dRMM Initial Model

Image 6

View from Staircase 11

Image 3

Tulipwood CLT: Material & Joinery

 187 steps made from re-configurable components have been assembled into 15 interlocking tulipwood staircases outside the Tate Modern in London, designed by architecture firm dRMM and engineers ARUP. Taking Eschers 2D drawing into a 3D object, a complex and interlocking structure that was essentially spatially impossible proved a challenge for the design team.

Through an experimental combination of form, texture, material, connection & spatial dynamics, the user is able to stumble upon new experiences each time they ascend or descend a staircase. dRMM have created a model structure that is playful & engaging while retaining an atmosphere of architectural elegance, something I believe all architecture should strive to achieve. I admire the confidence and ambition to take an idea that is spatially impossible in the real world and turn that idea into an elegant public exhibition. The lively atmosphere created by something as simple as a staircase is a testament to human nature in the desire to ascend/descend and explore.

Ultimately it can be said, what is the point in constructing an endless stair that actually ends?

Quite simply… pleasure.


One of my favourite scenes from Inception that inspired my choice of model, effectively illustrating the penrose stairs, or the infinite staircase. If you haven’t seen this film, you need to! A truly fascinating concept of manipulating an impossible architecture.

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