Work/Place Presentation- The Hub Kings Cross

PDF of Kings Cross Hub research: CPD 02- Workplace Presentation

The Hub, Kings Cross

The Hub, Kings Cross

A great example of a dynamic co-working environment, designed by Architecture practice 00:/ whose philosophy is based on regeneration through active spaces and communities.

Their strategic work is combined with architectural design to create the spatial conditions necessary for social networks to thrive. Ultimately by establishing dynamic & inspiring spaces that encourage informal exchanges.

What is the Hub?

A dynamic members space which encourages a new way of working and connecting. Sustainably designed and built as a result of members co-creation, their spaces offer flexible, collaborative & creative atmospheres for working, meeting & hosting events.

How does it work?

The co-working environment connect talents, knowledge and resources to build a strong community of social entrepreneurs and stimulating new collaborations.

Through a variety of workspaces [Open collaboration, glass meeting rooms, shared desks, individual snugs, social walls and a cafe/bar], the HUB can support a diverse range of events [Lunchtime seminars, exhibitions, communi-tea, book launches, weddings, business presentations, evening drinks, film screenings, markets and fundraisers].

The Hub, Kings Cross

The Hub, Kings Cross

Why do I like it?

– Tailored spaces, each with a determined function but can also be adapted for a different uses.

– The ‘Hub’ is a place to learn, meet, relax and inspire, not just to work!

– The ultimate form of community driven regeneration through an active & vibrant workplace environment.

– Simple, elegant & functional architecture, utilising space, natural light, materials & environment, something I believe all archtiectural design should strive to achieve.

The Hub, Kings Cross

The Hub, Kings Cross

Here’s a link to their website: The HUB Kings Cross | Where Change Goes to Work.

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